Vivian Wenli Lin


18,000 vietnam dong = $1 usd

In Vietnam, $1 USD is approximately 18,000 VND. What kind of meal can this afford you? A freshly brewed ice coffee, the beans sourced and roasted locally within the country. It can also buy a complete breakfast, lunch, or dinner that is cooked in front of your eyes with plenty of fresh ingredients. Conversely, in Europe and the USA, the same amount can barely buy you a soda, let alone a cup of coffee which hovers between $2-$5, and rarely a complete meal. More likely, it will buy you one item of fast food or a deep-fried snack soaked in preservatives and saturated fats, kept warm under heating lamps. This short video, 18,000 Vietnam dong = $1 USD, aims to bring to light this discrepancy in terms of quality.

2010 October 2 to 2011 January 2
Hong-Gah Museum
Curated by Chen Yung-Hsien and Sean C.S. Hu