Vivian Wenli Lin


Occidental College, Media Arts and Culture Department
Los Angeles, CA USA

Introduction to Media Practices (SP2021)

Topics in Digital Culture: Media Activism through Participatory Video (SP2021)

Topics in Digital Culture: Women Making Moves – Women’s Migration+Media (FA2020)

Topics in Global Media: Transpacific Social Justice (FA2020)

Topics in Representation: The Female in Japanese Film and Media (FA2020)

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Global Linkage Initiative Program
Tokyo, Japan

Academic Writing (FA2018)

Introduction to Documentary (FA2018, SP2018)

Introduction to Gender in Media (FA2020, FA2019, FA2018)

Introduction to Media Communication (SP2018)

Introduction to Visual Media Production (FA2020, FA2019)

Reading and Analyzing Fiction (FA2018)

Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Dept. of International English
Tokyo, Japan

1st and 2nd Year English Seminars (SP2019, FA2020, SP2020)

Advanced Writing (SP2019, FA2020)

Critical Reading and Discussion (SP2019, FA2020)

City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media + Dept. of Media and Communication
Hong Kong, S.A.R.

Cinema East and West, Gateway Education (FA2016)

Documentary Production, T.A. (FA2012, FA2013)

Gender in Popular Media, Masters level (SP2017)

Visual Communication (FA2016)

Visual Literacy & Cultural Thinking, Gateway Education, T.A. (SP2012, SP014) )